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Solo ads are an easy and important way to bring in traffic to your website. These ads give undivided attention to your readers and they drive towards visiting your website, thus generating revenues for your company or product or service. Solo ads are ads that are emailed to the subscribers of the online magazines, which are also known as ezines. You purchase space on the online magazine and you are the only content on that published magazine. Since online magazine provide you such amount of solo and single space on their magazine, they charge you a hefty amount.

However, when an online magazine is willing to give you this space, many marketers and online marketing gurus overlook the fact that the solo ad that they are purchasing needs to be effective. When they buy solo ads from the sellers, they want serious results and response from the readers. If there is no response then eventually that means that when you buy solo ads they were not giving you optimum results. That means they were not giving you the action required form the reader or the response that you wanted from them. When you buy solo ads, maybe the response you wanted is some revenue, or branding of your website etc.

Therefore, it is important that you remember some important points to consider when you buy solo ads. There are many varying factors that should be kept in mind when you buy solo ads. There variables will only then be determining whether the purchase of the solo ad will give you successful results or not. This usually happens because you are new to the market and you might not know how to work in an online set up. It is important to be trained in your field; otherwise you will face scams and will not be getting desired results.

When you buy solo ads, it is important to first and foremost learn about conversions. It is very important that you need to know that the solo ad that you are buying whether it is a real solo ad or not. Usually what happens is that when you buy solo ads or sell them, the seller is redirecting then to get as many as clicks on their website to generate revenue through pay per click method. This means if a seller is asking a buyer to complete the clicks, they are basically redirecting the clicked traffic towards the buying of your solo ad. This increases the risk of offering your conversion which becomes at stake.

Therefore, when you buy solo ads, you need to ask the seller if they redirecting the traffic to their solo ads. Ask them for a copy of your ad offer. Usually such sellers’ resists in giving you the copy saying it is under the process or not in the policy etc. If they do so, it means they are redirecting the traffic.

Another important aspect when you buy solo ads is asking for a list of subscribers who would be seeing your solo ad. Since you have determined your niche audience, and you know them best, therefore, it is important to see what kind of interests the audience who are in the subscribers list have and do they match with the interests or the demographics of your niche audience. Ask your seller where they have build the list from? Ask them for their opinion if a certain list would respond to your solo ad better?

It is also very important to know when the clicks will be delivered to you. Maybe when you buy solo ads, you have an offer for limited time period and if the clicks are not delivered in time, then there will be no point in generating traffic to your website.

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